The Alphatainment IPTV cabin entertainment system delivers a comfortable ‘home-away-from-home’ experience, optimizing both the general crew welfare and even the level of safety on board. Its remarkable features include digital TV distribution, video-on-demand, (enforced) safety instruction videos, PAGA interfacing and fire detection system to mute audio and display the escape routes in case of an emergency. In addition, the cabin Entertainment system also broadcasts CCTV/ECDIS/Radar images to designated locations, plus much more…

Alphatainment is IP-based; the distribution on board is completed through multicast, using Ethernet cables. This provides a number of advantages over a coax-based system. These are just some examples:

  • Cable reduction by combining IPTV and LAN in one cable
  • The possibility to send messages to TV’s, including digital signage for showing mess room menu’s, helicopter/tender schedules, work schemes and advertisements
  • Customizable background
  • Check-in functionality with a welcome message
  • Personal video recording
  • E-learning
  • On-screen surveys

The second Alphatainment system is the personal entertainment system, a specially devised platform of media devices available for guests to use at their leisure, complete with an in-seat touchscreen display. This is specially designed for crew-tenders and passenger vessels, such as ferries. Guests can enjoy video and music on demand, live radio and even games. What’s more, the devices are equipped with a safety aspect, whereby the whole system mutes during announcements and an enforced safety instruction video is available to inform guests with important information.

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