Our dedicated IT team specializes in maritime IT infrastructures and assures a reliable design with industrial grade products for routing, switching, bandwidth management, WiFi and firewalls. Alphatron’s expertise in satellite communications, along with our outstanding experience in the maritime industry, has enabled us to pinpoint a way to make sure the limited and (often) costly satellite bandwidth is used in the most efficient way.

In our current day and age, the need for onboard data-communication increases year after year. We often fail to realize the extensive amount of data transmitted between sources, especially in regard to the number of documents that need to be exchanged between the vessel, headquarters, authorities, as well as agents, to run operations smoothly and effectively. Think about the automatic synchronization of emails, planned maintenance systems, as well as the numerous file servers. And what about all the data shared between crew members and the outside world, including family and friends, all at the lowest possible cost?

Managing this on a limited satellite link and setting the right policies requires expertise, not only in IT networks, but also in the maritime industry. This is what sets Alphatron apart from other IT vendors.

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