Our lighting-range consists of conventional and LED lighting products, such as searchlights, navigation lights and floodlights. We offer complete lighting solutions for all types of vessels, including corresponding control systems. In order to offer such valuable multi-use concept delivered for the usage in the harhest environments, Alphatron Marine has joined hands with many renowned and high quality manufacturers, by becoming their official distributor and service partner.


We have a wide range of searchlight solutions for various types of vessels. Our solutions differ from easy to use halogen searchlights up to remote controlled high power HMI searchlights and even LED searchlights. We are authorized dealer for Francis Searchlights and Colorlight AB.

Navigation lights 

We can deliver wheelmark approved LED navigation lights from Peters & Bey for all vessels more than 20 meter in size and offer them in combination with control and monitoring systems as a total solution. The LED technology allows for low power requirements and features an extremely long life (up to 40,000 hours). With shockproof, watertight housings, problems caused by vibration and (sea)water ingress are a thing of the past. The maintenance free navigation lights are essential for the safety and identification of vessels. In dark or foggy circumstances, they provide information about the sailing direction of a vessel. Our modular designed system can control and monitor up to 64 navigation and signal lights. If you start with less lights you are always able to easily add new lights onboard to illuminate container walkways, steps, gangways and other facilities on the vessel. The lamps are available in different voltages and in case of power shutdown, the lamp remains operative.


The durable, stainless LED floodlights provide energy efficient illumination for your ship’s deck, corridors, gangways, cabins and other small areas or even your vessel logo. The durable lamps made by Phoenix lamps keep performing in the most extreme conditions and are extremely suitable for offshore support vessels, platform supply vessels and anchor handling tugs. The energy efficient LED floodlights have been professionally designed, are partially stainless steel and are completely watertight and, important for all vessels in general and for tugs in particular, vibration resilient. Apart from the normal LED floodlight, there is also a special version for gas tankers, illuminating surroundings that is susceptible to explosion. The floodlights can be installed without having to modify the control system of the lights, which makes them suitable not just for new vessels but also for retrofit installations.

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