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Intuitive, comfortable operation
that enhances the safety
of your vessel

Bridge consoles

Whilst maritime technology becomes more complex, the number of skilled staff on board is reducing, making levels of monitoring vital to ensure a safe work environment for crew. Accuracy and reliability are paramount to efficient operations, which is why all equipment integrated on the AlphaBridge is designed to meet and exceed international standards. Our modular concept offers the flexibility to integrate sophisticated navigation and control systems from a diverse portfolio of technology, for any class and size of vessel.

The maritime industry first became familiar with the AlphaBridge concept in 2007, when Alphatron Marine introduced a compact, modular bridge solution based on standard control panels in a neat, yet simple design. Approximately 1000 vessels currently operate worldwide safely and efficiently, thanks to the AlphaBridge. Our principle highlights that technology should make bridge operation easier - even for the highest class notations for vessels undertaking complex, sometimes hazardous operations.

In collaboration with the shipyard, owner and naval architect, a full 3D proposal is created before the actual bridge layout is taken into production. As a result of our flexible and modular approach, multiple variants based on the core AlphaBridge concept may be composed to ensure we offer the best solution for your vessel. All AlphaBridges carry the same DNA, with the same uniform design and control functionality that the aviation industry uses to secure safety at 30.000ft, ensuring complete security and efficiency at sea level.