Offering full control from a sitting position and exceptional all-round visibility through the full height windows. This tugboat concept is developed together with some of the biggest tugboat operators in the world. The bridge comprises of two ergonomic and dynamically designed consoles with a central captain’s chair mounted on rails. The consoles contain the majority of controls and instruments required to operate the tug with at each end a semi-retractable screen for radar or other multi-function screen displaying navigation and other operational data.

Modern tugboats are equipped with azimuth thrusters that are maneuverable through 360°. The AlphaBridge tugboat variant ensures all round visibility and vessel control, without compromise. The AlphaMultiCommandChair can rotate 180° allowing for various compatible design options suitable for ASD, Rotortug, Z-Peller, Schottel and Voith Schneider. Emphasizing the attention to detail in all areas, careful consideration has gone into enhancing the performance, satisfaction and situational awareness of the watch officer. Even as far as a strategically placed USB charging facility, documentation storage and cup holders, the smallest details are taken care of with AlphaBridge. Considering redundancy, ergonomics and regulations, hardwire control buttons are also provided, giving direct access to relevant functions required by class or operator.

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