Reliability and safety

The inland department at Alphatron Marine has experienced rapid growth since its establishment. This is partly due to a well-functioning service network in Europe. The collaboration with JRC has resulted in a number of different models of river radars, including the JMR-611. The development of innovative products has led to innovation in inland waterways. We use existing techniques proven in the inland shipping sector and have thus created a versatile range of products that excel in reliability and safety.

Inland products

JMR-611 series

The JMR-611 radar is the first river radar, in combination with a GPS compass and smart calculation technology, to minimize the annoying waves on wide water. With this Sea State function, buoys and other small echoes will remain clearly visible.


The AlphaRiverTrackPilot is a fully automated course and track control system for the inland shipping segment that allows a ship to sail along a predefined line. The...

JHS-800S Inland

Our new 5-inch touch screen controlled Class A VHF radio (JRC model JHS-800S) featuring a uniform, corporate design with manual-free operation. The all-in-one unit (control unit...

Alphacam AHD Zoom PU

The zoom camera (and also mini and dome), captures images in full color and when low light conditions occur, the camera automatically switches to black and white, enhancing visibility during the periods of darkness.

AlphaRiverPilot MF

The AlphaPilot MF is an autopilot, specially developed for navigation on inland waterways. In standard configuration, the Alphapilot MF is ideal for navigating a set track or...

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