Alphatainment CES

Cabin Entertainment System

  • Single cable installation
  • Space saving design
  • Industry standard hardware technology
  • Reliable operation

Entertainment systems on board are designed to provide crew and/or passengers of i.e. drilling platforms with a sense of welfare. Accommodation platforms which are let by Atlantic Marine Services are used as hotel by crew members for service and repairs. When off-duty, secondary terms of employment like Alphatainment entertainment system are a must. Several of Atlantic Marine Services accommodation platforms are equipped with the Alphatron Alphatainment system. For Atlantic Marine Services, the flawless operation of such a system is both a must as well as an asset when it comes to promoting their platforms. E.g. the Atlantic Labrador and the Atlantic Amsterdam, both can accommodate 136 persons in single men cabins and the Atlantic London, capacity 318 persons in 2-men cabins. Alphatron developed several varieties of the Cabin Entertainment System, however, all are based on IPTV, thus enabling TV and movie channels in every cabin.

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