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Roos Witlox

HR Intern

Roos Witlox, second-year student of the Human Resource Management course, did her first internship at the HR department of JRC | Alphatron Marine.

Roos's Unconventional Application

Roos's application went a little differently than usual. She had posted a video via LinkedIn in which she announced that she was looking for an internship. Gerda from the HR department of JRC | Alphatron Marine was so impressed by this that she approached Roos for an interview. “The conversation was great fun, and the technology industry seemed very interesting and challenging to me,” Roos said.

HR involvement, creative flyers, and collaborative Tasks

Roos was fully involved in the HR team, "it was very varied work and also a lot of work where discretion was important, so no simple intern jobs". Roos' internship assignment was a welcome flyer for new employees. In a fun way, new employees could find all the information that was important at the start of their careers. She made this in collaboration with the marketing department. In addition, she has done many small HR tasks.

Embracing a supportive corporate culture

“I learned a lot about the corporate culture within a larger company,” Roos explains, “despite it being a large company, I felt very comfortable with JRC | Alphatron Marine, it's a very flat organization without too much hierarchy. Because of the open atmosphere, you are not seen as an intern but as part of the team.” Roos said that in her field you have a lot of contact with different people, so you learn not to be afraid to ask questions and approach people.

The next step for Roos is to look for a new internship for the third year. “I learned a lot during my internship at JRC | Alphatron Marine, such as about the company structure, but also how important it is to have a good connection with your colleagues. I received excellent guidance from the HR team, and I received enough time and guidance for my study assignment. Everyone was always ready to help.”

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