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Fabian Boshoven

R&D Intern

Nurturing innovation and expertise: Fabian Boshoven's 3D design journey during an internship at the R&D department of JRC | Alphatron Marine.

Bridging smart technology and product innovation

Fabian Boshoven is a third year student on the Smart Technology program at the Da Vinci college. This program is a combination of electronics, mechatronics and programming. During his internship, Fabian designed several prototypes of printed circuit board housings for the Research and Development department of JRC | Alphatron Marine. Are you interested and looking for an internship? Then read Fabian's story below, and maybe we will soon see you as a new part of our team!

“After having visited the Europort exhibition once and having seen the products that JRC | Alphatron Marine develops, I thought it would be very nice to contribute to these product developments”, says Fabian. For his internship, Fabian designed several prototypes of printed circuit board housings and started to integrate the ACB1 (a marine printed circuit board) with Lynx, by adding new functionalities. “Lynx is a program that works with a kind of Lego blocks. Each Lego block has a function, for example, reading a GPS sensor. Together, all Lego blocks form the software of a ship. During my internship, I made Lego blocks that read the connected sensors of a ship and then forward this read data via the network to, for example, the bridge on the ship.”

Advancing skills in programming and 3D drawing

During Fabian's internship period he learned many new things, for example he developed further in programming with C++, parametric 3D drawing and working systematically with the scrum method. “I really liked everything about my internship, but what I especially liked was that I could design my own prototypes of future products and share my knowledge in 3D drawing with JRC | Alphatron Marine”. Fabian, who was already busy at home with his own 3D printer, designed housings for maritime printed circuit boards for JRC | Alphatron Marine and realized these designs by means of a 3D printer.

Fabian's post-internship plans

After his internship at JRC | Alphatron Marine, Fabian is going back to school and will start his graduation internship next year. “My plan for after graduating is to follow the Smart Technology program at bachelor’s degree level 5. This is a 2-year associate degree program which is also a combination of electrical engineering, mechatronics and programming.” In any case, we would like to thank Fabian very much for his efforts and wish him all the best for his future!

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