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Colin van Es

Inland Intern

Colin van Es, a third-year Commercial Technician Engineering student at Technology College Rotterdam, completed his graduation assignment at the inland shipping division.

Graduation journey

Colin was looking for a graduation internship that matched with his education. “I was told by a friend that his father might have an internship for me at JRC | Alphatron Marine”. After a conversation with Peter van Veen, the Inland Shipping Manager, Colin was sure that he would join JRC | Alphatron Marine to graduate. “During my internship period, I designed and produced a digital newsletter for dealers and customers of inland shipping. This was necessary because Alphatron Marine was of the opinion that there was insufficient information provision via the current communication channels.” Colin made this assignment in collaboration with the Inland Shipping and Marketing departments.

Communication, organization, and adaptability skills

“During my internship, I learned how to communicate clearly and efficiently with colleagues, how to best organize your work for yourself and how to improvise if something does not go as expected, Colin explains. “I learned how to organize my work most efficiently, and how to assess which tasks to prioritize. I think these skills will definitely come in handy in the future.” Colin also says that he has had a lot of customer contact by telephone, which has also allowed him to improve his English.

Internship Insights

What Colin liked the most about his internship period was the contact with the customers and the collaboration with colleagues. “This was my first internship at a fairly large company and I found it interesting to see how people cooperate and work in a bigger company. It was an unknown market for me to enter, this made it challenging for me and I found it interesting to learn new things.” During his internship period, Colin went on board several times with Inland Shipping Service Engineers, in order to learn more about the market and products. “My technical knowledge about the products of JRC | Alphatron Marine on board inland vessels kept increasing, because I was able to see in practice what the products look like and what function they have on the ship.”

The next step for Colin is to continue studying, “I will start the Industrial Engineering course at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences next school year. But first, I will continue to work in the summer as a holiday worker at JRC | Alphatron Marine”. 

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