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Astrid Bakker

Inside sales inland departement

Astrid, with 15 years at Alphatron Marine in inland shipping, seeks to grow technically in her diverse, team-oriented role.

Inland shipping sector

My name is Astrid Bakker and I am originally from bustling Rotterdam. We moved a few weeks back to the quiet Hoeksche Waard where in my spare time I enjoy cycling through the polder and occasionally casting a fishing rod to fish.

Fifteen years ago I started at Alphatron Marine as an Inside Sales employee and I remember very well how I got here. I cycled past this beautiful building and immediately felt a connection. When I saw a job posting for a position in the marine industry, I knew this was the place for me. Funnily enough, I had originally applied for another position, but Luuk Vroombout, former director and the one who conducted the interview, convinced me that the inland shipping sector would suit me better. And he was right!

Diverse and dynamic

My days at Alphatron Marine are always very diverse and dynamic. I have a lot of contact with customers and resellers and do everything I can to make sure everything runs smoothly. Whether it is talking to colleagues or supervising projects, every day brings new challenges. My day includes coordinating with the team, discussing ongoing projects and, of course, enjoying a nice lunch.

I am currently working on an exciting project that unfortunately I cannot tell you much about yet. The biggest challenge is to make sure that all the puzzle pieces fall into the right place and the project is completed successfully. Compared to my first day here, I learned a lot at Alphatron Marine. My technical knowledge has grown enormously and I am proud of how I have been able to sharpen my communication and negotiation skills.


What I like most about my job at Alphatron Marine is the incredible versatility. No day is the same, and that keeps me sharp and motivated. The collaboration with my colleagues is great; we really are a close-knit team. A quote I often share is "one team, one task," and that perfectly reflects the team spirit that prevails here.

In the future, I would like to dive even deeper into the technical aspect of our work. There is always more to learn and discover in this industry, and I am determined to further expand my knowledge. Alphatron Marine provides an environment in which I can continue to develop myself, and I look forward to continuing to grow and contribute here for many years to come.

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