Customer profile

Ipar-tronic is a dealer of JRC/Alphatron Marine Iberia, based in Hondarribia, Spain. They have a long term relation with JRC dating back to the late nineties. The company is runned by 2 brothers, Roberto and Xabier, who attend the fleets of Hondarribia and nearby Guetaria, mainly existing of purse seiners in the 20-30m LOA range.

Customer Challenge

One of the customers of Ipar-tronic is owner of the fishing vessel Pedro José Berria, which is a 34 meter long vessel that mainly catches anchovy, mackerel and bonito in the Gulf of Biscay as far as Ireland. The customer had the need to detect single or small groups of birds above the surface as a first sign of a school of fish and a possible next destination for a catch.

The solution

As a solution we supplied and installed the JMR-5460-8S bird radar as a replacement of an old radar. The JRC bird scanner utilizes a high output S-band scanner allowing for exceptional discrimination. The radar can detect a flock of just tens of birds at a low altitude near the vessel or a flock of a higher number of birds at a higher altitude at the open sea. When the sea is empty of sonar targets, fishermen only have birds as the first step in setting the next fishing waypoint. Such a system is extremely useful for fishing vessels, providing better potential for a more profitable catch.


The Sales, Technical and Management team assisted with the final steps of commissioning and the initial sea trial on location together with the shipowner, crew and dealer Ipar-tronic. Final adjustments of the radar were done on location to fulfill the Captain’s request and to avoid some interferences and false echoes produced by ship’s structure. The radar detects single birds in flat seas at 3NM without any problem, so it exceeded the expectations according to the fishing vessel’s requirements. “We rely on JRC products for their quality, performance and reliability and have been working with Ana, Alberto and Nacho for many years now. They understand our needs and market!”, according to Roberto Rodriguez of Ipar-tronic.

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