ArianeGroup is an aerospace company based in France that is changing the way we explore space. Their mission is to launch satellites into orbit from their Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, in South America. And in order to do that, they need vessels that can transport their rocket parts from Europe to their launch site. 

Customer profile

Alphatron Marine was selected by ArianeGroup’s contruction partners, Alizés and Dutch Neptune Maritime Projects, to provide navigation and communication equipment for their new vessel. The result of this project is the Canopée, a 121m (397ft) ship that has been specifically engineered to transport containerized sections of the Ariane 6 rockets - which can be up to 63m (207ft) long. The Canopée is designed with sustainability in mind, allowing it to navigate upriver at Kourou, right to the dock near the Spaceport.

The Canopée is also equipped with four 30-metre-high Oceanwings, sail propulsion technology, and a range of other innovative features such as a hydrogen fuel cell, a low friction hull, and an advanced energy management system. This technology will help reduce the vessel’s environmental impact and fuel consumption, making it one of the most advanced and sustainable vessels ever built. The Canopée is set to be the first of its kind and will be the backbone of ArianeGroup’s mission to explore space. With the successful implementation of this vessel, ArianeGroup is one step closer to making their mission possible and changing the way we explore space. Arie van Beuzekom, Sales Manager at Alphatron Marine, says: “Canopée is such a unique project, not just for ArianeSpace, but for the world too, as we look towards more sustainable shipping. Being involved in this project and working closely with all the parties involved is something we’re really proud of.” 

The solution

The maritime package: Alphatron Marine’s NavCom package consists of a total of two radars, two gyros, two VDRs and corresponding connectivity. The package is a turn-key solution and is delivered on short notice. The radars are optimized for the use of the wind wings and the gyro is equipped with a high-end motion sensor.

The Canopée is also the first ship on which we placed our renewed AlphaBridge with modular consoles. The modular console is a revolutionary concept for bridge consoles that is perfect for any vessel. With its lightweight aluminum construction and recycled ABS top cover, hatches and optional sides, this console ensures minimal weight and maximum sustainability. The modular console is a construction kit system that can be assembled on site, at the yard or in a workshop, reducing delivery times and shipping costs. These features make the modular console a great choice for vessels of all sizes. With its robust construction and efficient design, the modular console is a reliable and efficient solution for bridge consoles.


Klaas Beuckens, General Manager at Neptune Marine Projects, is very pleased with this order. “The navigation and communication had to meet high accurate requirements considering the interfacing with sail control and meteorological routing. Klaas Beuckens: “It is the knowledge and hands-on mentality of JRC | Alphatron Marine’s Sales and Engineering departments that led to the final decision to choose  JRC | Alphatron Marine as NavCom supplier for the Canopée.” JRC | Alphatron Marine is committed to providing products with the highest quality and reliable performance. We strive to ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced technologies available, while providing exceptional customer service. We are proud to be part of this unique project!

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