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Avalon Shipping BV, founded in 2008, is originally an old family business from the 1930s. They operated with several ships. Martien Leunis is the 3rd generation of this family and owner of MS Avalon. His grandfather was one of the first who bought a radar when it was introduced to the inland shipping market, just like his father with the Tresco system in the early 90s. MS Avalon, built in 2008, is an inland cargo vessel with an overall length of 135 meter.

Customer profile

When Martien Leunis, a customer of Alphatron Marine BV for several years, first heard about our new AlphaRiverTrackPilot he became very interested. The AlphaRiverTrackPilot is a fully automated course and track control system for the inland shipping segment that allows a ship to sail along a predefined line.

The solution

We proposed our new MF-pilot, a MFL combined rudder/turn indicator, a JLR-21 GPS compass and an AlphaRiverTrackPilot. The AlphaRiverTrackPilot takes off the burden of the captain not having to make many manual adjustments. Compared to a normal river pilot, the AlphaRiverTrackPilot calculates the necessary rudder positions for the steering of the vessel and this reduces fuel consumption due to less rudder movements. Assisted by our proprietary compact joystick control panel, the captain can deviate from the preset line and make small adjustments while following the mapped course of the vessel. The AlphaRiverTrackPilot can be easily combined with an existing or new AlphaRiver pilot. Only a small adjustment is necessary to the autopilot to add this new track function. The operating pressure for the captain is significantly reduced and onboard safety increases.


The time planning for installation seemed to be a little exciting, but eventually all products were installed within the estimated time. The Service Engineers of Alphatron Marine did a great job handing over their knowledge during sea trials. Also the assistance on distance made everything a lot more easier for the vessel’s schedule. Martien Leunis, the type of customer who wants to get the most out of a system, is very satisfied with the results. Some adjustments to the system have already been made and although some small details still need to be improved, he is very sure that this will succeed. “We hope that the last details will be implemented and that Avalon Shipping BV and Alphatron Marine will keep in close contact. Making the right trackline is something you have in charge yourself, but it is important to pay attention and invest time to come to a good result”, tells Martien Leunis. “The collaboration went very well. This applies to sales, installation and service”, ends Martien Leunis. He now sails automatically through the most difficult bends on the river Rhine!

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