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Antenna Ka-band

  • The v60Ka is the only sub 1m system approved for use on the Telenor Thor-7 Network
  • Remote Management using Aptus Web Wi-Fi enabled ACU for local control using Aptus Mobile or PC
  • Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability eliminates need for integration with a shipboard compass
  • Dual VSAT Mediator integrates two VSAT antennas to combat onboard blockage zones
  • v60Ka
  • v60Ka

All boxes, connectors, cables, and other components onboard the v60Ka pedestal are clearly marked with silkscreened labels to ensure that labeling does not fade with time. Thumb screws are used throughout the system, eliminating the need for tools.

Upon setup, Intellian’s Aptus software provides a clear, graphically intuitive method for entering onboard blockage zones and calibrating azimuth with a single tap. The v60Ka removes needless complexity from satellite communications. One antenna, one single unit rack mount controller, one modem. That is all. The v60Ka’s antenna controller is housed in a 19” 1U rack type case, reducing consumed rackspace by 50%. In addition to being so small, the ACU includes a build in power supply and offers a number of convenient options, such as a two line digital display, with easy navigation buttons and function keys for 100% functionality of the entire system directly from the ACU front panel.

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