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Sailor 900Ka

Sailor 900Ka

Antenna Ka-band

  • Ease-of-use
  • Single cable between antenna and below deck equipment for RF
  • Syslog functionality
  • Built-in e-mail clients that automatically can email historical logging

The Sailor 900 VSAT Ka is an advanced 3-axis stabilized Ka-band antenna system designed for the Telenor THOR 7 satellite network. It is built to the same high quality and high performance that has made Sailor the leading name in professional maritime communication equipment over decades.

Sailor 900 VSAT Ka is a direct development from the successful Sailor 900 VSAT antenna system, which has created a new industry standard through innovative design for ease-of-use, quick deployment and reliable operation. Sailor 900 VSAT Ka is built to withstand the toughest sea conditions and is probably the fastest tracking antenna with its superior dynamic performance in all axes; roll, pitch and yaw. Combined with tracking performance it is feasible to install the antenna even on smaller vessels which are more affected by rougher sea. Sailor 900 VSAT Ka is designed and tested to the highest maritime shock and vibration requirements, IEC EN 60721 to ensure reliable service and prolonged life at sea.

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