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Sailor 900 KU

Sailor 900 KU

Antenna Ka-band

  • Standardized top quality RF components
  • Most cost effective Ku-band antenna on the market
  • Two antenna systems on a single modem
  • Maximum availability

The Sailor 900 VSAT is an advanced maritime stabilized Ku-band antenna system built with the same high quality and high performance that has made Sailor the leading name in professional maritime communication equipment over decades. With hundreds of units shipped worldwide in a very short time it truly sets a new standard.

Sailor 900 VSAT is an easy and quick to deploy three axis stabilized VSAT antenna with the highest RF performance in the 1m antenna class. Verified by extensive Eutelsat tests, you can trust that Sailor 900 VSAT works with any leading VSAT platforms in the market. Every Sailor 900 VSAT antenna system comes factory-tested, equipped ready-togo with standardized top quality RF components (8W BUC, LNBs, OMT/diplexer) - and only one cable between antenna and below-deck. The antenna is shipped fully balanced, configured and does not need work prior to installation.

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