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Sailor 60GX

Sailor 60GX

Antenna Ka-band

  • Super light, super rugged
  • Streamlining remote access and diagnostics
  • Installation is easy
  • Automatic Azimuth Calibration

The award winning* v is the smallest, lightest and most advanced antenna for the new Inmarsat Fleet Xpress High Throughput Satellite (HTS) maritime broadband service. Based on a unique, cutting-edge composite/aluminium design to keep weight down and sophisticated SailorVSAT technology for unmatched performance and features, Sailor 60 GX streamlines the deployment process and maximises operational uptime.

Sailor 60 GX is built to withstand the toughest sea conditions and still deliver high bandwidth connectivity on Fleet Xpress. It is the fastest tracking antenna available in the 60cm class, with superior dynamic performance in all axes; roll, pitch and yaw. This high performance means that even smaller vessels more affected by rough seas can make the most of maritime broadband on Fleet Xpress, as Sailor 60 GX can maintain a strong link even in extreme conditions and on the edges of the beams.

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