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AlphaTrioPilot MF

AlphaTrioPilot MF

River Pilot + RAI + ROT Indicator

  • Combines analog displays with a digital processor
  • Easily be programmed
  • Modern looking three-in-one unit
  • Available in 2 colors

With the introduction of the AlphaTrioPilot MF, Alphatron Marine launched a modern looking three-in-one unit, consisting of a river auto pilot, rate of turn indicator and rudder angle indicator all combined as one. This trinity is reflected in the name “Trio”. The AlphaTrioPilot was designed especially for inland shipping vessels. This TrioPilot is available in 2 colors, grey and black and can be flush mounted into the wheelhouse consoles. The AlphaTrioPilot MF combines analog displays with a digital processor unit. The pilot can easily be programmed and can also be (optionally) connected with a GPS compass.

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