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Successful operation AlphaBridge on the RT Borkum

12 January 2018

It was already half a year ago that the Padmos built RT Borkum was successfully handed over to its owner Rotortug and she has been exceeding the expectations ever since. With the energetic cooperation between all parties during the newbuild process and the flattering feedback of the owner to date, we are proud to have delivered a unique configuration on the world’s first leather bridge on a tugboat.

The AlphaBridge for tugboats is distinguished by an optimized all-around visibility offered from a sitting position, ensuring uncompromised command and control at all times during intensive harbor operations. The AlphaBridge comprises two ergonomic and dynamically designed consoles with a centrally-placed chair for the captain, mounted on rails, which can be turned 180 degrees to face either direction. The display arrangement ensures that the screen functions are always in the same position.

The audio, video and IT on the RT Borkum had to be intuitive, high quality and easily understandable without the use of many different remote controls. Together with Rotortug our specialized IT team built an interface to control all lights, blinds, climate and music onboard by use of portable devices. Professional audio video systems are included for presentations and training and can easily be distributed to the shore using the diverse communication.

The RT Borkum will be used for demonstration and training purposes. Whilst in full operation, the working principles of the tug can be easily explained, potential customers can see how the tug safely operates under all weather conditions and future crews can be trained in escort towage.

For many years, there’s a strong synergy between Alphatron Marine and Rotortug with a strong focus on safety and innovation. The tugboat concept is the result of careful study between experienced tugboat operators, with the renowned RT Evolution being the first to operate with the AlphaBridge tugboat console we know today. With over 25 projects completed or under construction with Rotortug, Alphatron Marine is proud to deliver the ‘eyes and ears’ of these vessels. But our job is never over and we are always looking to continuously improve visibility and operability and finding ways to give technology a more human touch.

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