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21 April 2022

New AlphaRiverPilot MFS by JRC/Alphatron Marine

Product and solutions updates

Alphatron Marine BV strives to develop and deliver best-in-class products and services to meet our customer’s needs. For this reason, we are pleased to introduce you to our latest development, our new AlphaRiverPilot MFS, the successor to the AlphaPilot MF that has been used by our customers on a huge number of inland vessels for many years. The AlphaRiverPilot MFS, available for you in the fourth quarter of this year, will be obtainable in two different versions, a desk mount and a flush mount version. The new control units have the same form factor as our existing MFS repeater line and are equipped with a 5-inch colour touch screen, providing a great and simple user experience.

The ergonomic and slim design of the control unit includes the steering wheel and is small enough to fit in the armrest of your chair, ensuring ease of use. Three integrated buttons give direct access to important settings, and in addition, the touch screen allows quick access to menus and settings so the user can easily adjust them if required. The new AlphaRiverPilot MFS has a feature that makes a direct link to the AlphaRiverTrackPilot even easier. This simplifies the operation of the trackpilot significantly.

The main display provides a clear indication of the set and actual heading, alarms, active mode and a clear adjustable scale between (30) 90 and 300 degrees, depending on the mode selected. Four clickable indicators provide information on ‘rudder’, ‘trim’, ‘damping’ and ‘sensitivity’ and give the user easy and direct access to setting the parameters of each function. This new control unit also includes a new distribution unit that has been completely redesigned and equipped with the latest technologies so that this autopilot also meets the latest requirements and guarantees a long service life.

With the AlphaRiverPilot MFS, Alphatron Marine introduces a unique feature: this is the first river pilot that is able to self-adjust for a large part without assistance from an engineer. This will lead to a cost reduction in a time where it is increasingly difficult to get an engineer on board at the right time to adjust the autopilot.

Unique Selling Points (USP’s):

- ergonomic and slim design

- integrated steering wheel handle

- 5 inch colour touch screen

- easy to use

- designed according to the latest technologies

Are you interested in receiving more information about the new AlphaRiverPilot MFS application? Please contact our sales team at We are always happy to assist you!


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