We are on a mission

"With our commitment to innovation and quality, we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our passion is to create superior products and services that contribute to a safe, efficient, and sustainable maritime industry. To achieve this, JRC | Alphatron Marine sets a high value on its people, global network, and technologies. Our radar is always on: navigating our way to the future - MIRAI

JRC | Alphatron Marine - Our mission MIRAI

Our maritime passion, the quality you experience

Maritime ownership

Our customers are the reason why we are in business, and therefore we are committed to ensuring that all our actions and decisions benefit them in the broadest sense of the word. We honor our agreements, take proactive steps to solve problems, and embrace a mindset of responsibility for our actions and deeds. We recognize that mistakes happen, and we view them as opportunities to learn and move forward. Furthermore, we believe in open communication and mutual respect with our business partners and among colleagues, to promote information sharing and collaboration. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, customers, and systems drives us to promote the value of our products with passion and energy.

Innovate with us: unlock your potential 


The vitality of JRC | Alphatron Marine is technology and market innovation to make vessels more efficient. We maximize skillful methods from the customer’s perspective. Innovation is not just a product, but all the service and support we provide are solutions for our customers. Our goal is to have our customers evaluate the value of the solution and that they rank us among their best business partners.

Designed for safety & made to last


When it is about reliability, it is not only about our product itself. We want to be a reliable business partner that our customers can trust, anytime, anywhere. In practice this means; non-stop service, traceability and the ambition for zero claims, selective partners for service, system integration and seamless cooperation with suppliers.

Embracing autonomous shipping, JRC | Alphatron Marine - The future of ship navigation


The future means autonomous navigation, or realistically said; “manned automation” with the intention to make the shipping industry safer. By this we mean smart decision support in order to promote the maximum automation of navigation equipment. Keeping in mind that people will still be operating the vessels and therefore we pursue the ease for user-friendly interface and redundancy.

A provider of multi-brand integrated bridge systems: taking the synergy to the next level


Systems become more sophisticated and complicated. Integration through open innovation and collaboration with external partners will diligently expand our navigation systems expertise. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional ergonomic integrated bridge systems that exceed the expectations of the crew.

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