One solution

Alphatron Marine is a world-leading supplier of integrated bridge solutions and represents many dominant brands within the maritime industry. In addition, Alphatron Marine is a subsidiary of JRC, one of the most renowned manufacturers in the field of navigation and communication equipment. Together with Alphatron Marine's many years of experience as a branded autonomous system integrator, this is an ideal match within the deepsea market to provide the customer with one total solution.

We have a reputation for listening carefully to your needs and focus on developing reliable, quality products and solutions that exceed your requirements. Our intensive cooperation with specialized shipyards and shipowners forms the basis of our product line created by our Alphatron Marine R&D team. In order to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing maritime developments and regulations, we continuously and extensively invest in both product development and product management. This ensures that your seagoing vessels are prepared for future needs and the safety of your crew and cargo can be guaranteed.

Hand-on service

Our shipping department understands that a minimum delay during your journey is of great importance. We are happy to help you make your operation a success throughout the entire life cycle of our products. With our worldwide network, we offer unparalleled service support 24/7, a stock of spare parts that are immediately available to you, personalized maintenance contracts, and fast turnaround times for our own equipment and that of leading manufacturers. We are your global partner for onboard and onshore service.

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심해 제품

AlphaPilot MFM

당사의 일관된 제품 철학을 기반으로 하는 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어가 포함된 5인치 터치 디스플레이를 특징으로 하는 당사의 새로운...


Our new 5-inch touch screen controlled Class A VHF radio (JRC model JHS-800S) featuring a uniform, corporate design with manual-free operation. The all-in-one unit (control unit...


The new JMA-5200 PROLINE continues the success of its predecessor, reaching a high level of performance, designed to seamlessly run radar images faster and more efficiently than...


The new JMA-5300 PROLINE integrates the latest leading technologies with a set of advanced features that allow running radar images faster and efficiently. Also the brushless...

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