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AlphaCam AHD Dome PTZ ALU

AlphaCam AHD Dome PTZ ALU


  • Zoom lens: focal length 4,8 – 57,6mm
  • Rotation speed: preset 650°/sec (manual 0.05 to 120°/sec)
  • Control data over video
  • Available in a 90° titled version

The AlphaCam DOME PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) is a dome camera which can pan, tilt and zoom. The dome is made of aluminium and therefore applicable for inland or indoor use for marine and commercial applications.

The dome with 360° continuous rotation is available in a aluminium and polyurethane version, both are a durable solution resistant against corrosion and therefore perfectly suited for marine environment and commercial applications. Both indoor and outside. Similar to the zoom camera, all control data is over video. With four preset camera positions, this camera is helpful when maneuvring and during ship crane or dredging applications. The dome camera is also available in a 90° titled version, well suited for a portrait monitor.

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