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AlphaCall MF
AlphaCall MF

AlphaCall MF


  • Highly suitable
  • Two-way command
  • Intercom system
  • 24VDC
  • AlphaCall MF
  • AlphaCall MF

The AlphaCall is an advanced intercom station suitable for up to 10 substations and therefore highly suitable on many different types of ships. When designing the AlphaCall, careful attention was paid to the production of sound that is as crisp and clear as possible. While doing so, it also will depend on the location of the substations and the location of the gooseneck microphone if there is a lot of ambient noise near the main unit.

AlphaCall The AlphaCall intercom consists of a main unit, normally installed in the wheel house, to which substations are connected that can be located outside, inside, in the engine room, and other locations on the vessel. A gooseneck microphone equipped with a foot switch is connected to the AlphaCall. The AlphaCall works as a two-way command and intercom system. Communication occurs between the AlphaCall operating unit and the substations that are connected to it, therefore not between the substations.

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