25 years of experience in retrofits

There can be all sorts of reasons for a refit or a conversion. In some cases, the navigation and communication equipment no longer works or has become obsolete and needs to be replaced. A vessel that needs to be provided with extra equipment to be compliant with a specific project, or start working in a different sea area. In each of these cases, our challenge is to supply the required equipment as quickly as possible and get our engineers on board for installation and commissioning. Alphatron Marine has 25 years of experience in retrofits and conversions, which means we can ensure that the installation remains reliable and efficient throughout the entire life cycle. The experienced engineers at Alphatron Marine offer you the certainty that the vessel can operate in all circumstances.


Thanks to our many years of experience in maritime technology, we have built up a broad expertise in safe, reliable and extensive systems for our customers and with our many locations around the world, you can always count on a short delivery time and fast presence of our service engineers. We offer unparalleled 24/7 service support, a stock of spare parts readily available to you, personalized maintenance contracts and fast turnaround times for our own equipment and those of leading manufacturers. We are your global partner for service on board and on the mainland.

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Retrofit Produkte


Das Hochleistungsradar JMR-5400 verbessert die Erkennung im Nahbereich und die Unterscheidung von Zielen, die auf Displays mit hoher Helligkeit dargestellt werden, mit intuitiver, symbolbasierter Bedienung erheblich.


In manchen Situationen erkennen normale Brandmelder Hitze/Rauch nicht oder zu spät. Diese Wärmebild-Netzwerk-Bullet-Kamera wird zur Perimeterabwehr und zum Brandschutz...



The compact JLR-8400 GPS navigator is compatible with Multi GNSS and will provide accurate position data even in Arctic area, without SBAS and beacon. The newly designed...

AlphaPilot MFM

Unser neuer adaptiver Autopilot, der über ein 5-Zoll-Touch-Display mit Hardware und Software verfügt, die auf unserer einheitlichen Produktphilosophie basieren und einen...