Activities both at sea and on land

The offshore sector is engaged in all necessary activities both at sea and on land for the exploration and extraction of the natural resources present in the sea, on the sea bed and its subsoil, consisting of minerals and other non-living resources. Where traditional offshore activities mainly involved the extraction of oil and gas, the attention is now increasingly shifting to the wind sector due to the construction of large offshore wind farms. With fossil fuel extraction, the offshore sector has been responsible for a large part of our energy resources. The focus is now shifting to the generation of ‘clean’ energy produced by offshore wind farms. This transition would be not possible without the shipping industry.

Working within the offshore market means working on complex projects

With our activities within the Offshore market, we support oil and gas companies and providers of sustainable energy solutions such as wind energy. Not only is wind energy technology becoming cheaper, international agreements on energy transition to reduce CO2 emissions also play a role. With safety as a key value, we provide innovative and sustainable all-round solutions around the world to tackle major maritime challenges. Working within the Offshore market means working on complex projects. No two days are the same and after all, offshore projects are tailor-made projects. JRC/Alphatron Marine offers the following smart solutions for the Offshore industry:

  • Integrated bridges
  • Communication and IT/AV solutions
  • Remote service
  • Maintenance (contracts)

All JRC/Alphatron Marine systems and components are approved and meet the latest international rules and regulations. In addition, everything also meets the requirements of all classification societies worldwide. JRC/Alphatron Marine is constantly developing its systems to provide the solutions and functions that are required and/or desired by its customers and to comply with current laws and regulations.

Offshore Produkte


Das AlphaAnnounce Digital ist ein DNV-typgeprüftes, hochwertiges Beschallungs- und allgemeines Alarmsystem (PA/GA) für den Seeverkehr in Übereinstimmung mit den SOLAS/IMO- und...

AlphaPilot MFM

Unser neuer adaptiver Autopilot, der über ein 5-Zoll-Touch-Display mit Hardware und Software verfügt, die auf unserer einheitlichen Produktphilosophie basieren und einen...



Das (redundante) AlphaDynaPos DP Dynamic Positioning System steuert automatisch den Kurs und die Position eines Schiffes, indem es Triebwerke auf der Grundlage von Daten aus...


The JUE-251 continues the success of its predecessor, featuring a reliable industry standard interface and an advanced network router in a compact design. The JUE-251 integrates a...

Iridium Pilot