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15 June 2020

JRC/Alphatron Marine appoints Jeroen Kortsmit in the position of Group General Manager Key Accounts as of 1st July 2020

In this position Jeroen Kortsmit will be responsible for the worldwide expansion and management of our customer relationship in the fields of customer satisfaction, maintenance agreements, digital services like E-learning as well as remote maintenance and support. He will develop a global strategy and coordinate and improve the customer contacts worldwide in order to safeguard the relationship with the extensive customer base of the JRC/Alphatron Marine Group containing more than 11,000 vessels worldwide.

Especially during the current worldwide outbreak of corona, many owners turned to the original manufactures of their installed equipment onboard in order to be assured of the best possible support. Our Global Customer Support Centers can offer, direct or via remote services, the best quality service with an important high First Time Fix score.

With the new set up of global contact- and contracts coordination we harmonize quality and safeguard a consistent group policy closer to the customer, streamlining multiple contacts and different service arrangements worldwide.

On the base of our extensive maintenance contract experience and references with more than 1,000 vessels, we can guarantee the best possible KPI to our clients. Independent the size of the fleet, we are able to serve you in a professional way and on agreed terms & conditions.

Jeroen Kortsmit is appointed in this position based upon his extensive know-how of the marine industry, the way he acts as ambassador and ability to analyze the individual needs of many shipowners and management companies and transform these into a global strategy. 


JRC/Alphatron Marine 

Jeroen Kortsmit

Schaardijk 23

3063 NH Rotterdam


T +31 10 453 4000

E  j.kortsmit@jrc-europe.com

W www.jrc-world.com