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30 October 2017

Alphatron Marine introduces AlphaRiverTrackPilot during Europort

Alphatron Marine is proud to announce the introduction of a fully automated course and track control system for the inland shipping segment during the upcoming Europort exhibition. Under the name AlphaRiverTrackPilot, this first fully automated autopilot system allows a ship to sail along a predefined line.

With the AlphaRiverTrackPilot, which is developed together with German company Argonics, it is possible for a ship to automatically sail a planned set of tracks on the chart system, regardless of the weather conditions. The AlphaRiverTrackPilot will take off the burden of the captain not having to make many manual adjustments. Compared to a normal river pilot, the AlphaRiverTrackPilot will calculate the required rudder output for the steering of the vessel as well as to compensate for drift.

Assisted by our proprietary compact joystick control panel, the captain can derive from the preset line and make small adjustment while navigating to the course of the vessel course. The choice of desired steering system automatic, follow up and track can be easily selected from the existing Alphatron Marine river pilot.


  • Easy route setting by the user
  • Optimum route adjustable taking into account water level and loading conditions
  • Quick adjustment of the set rate if desired by joystick
  • Analysis of route progression through prediction lines
  • Less fuel consumption due to less rudder movements
  • Very easy adjustable to sail along a pattern of lines, making it very suitable for survey vessels

The AlphaRiverTrackPilot can be easily combined with an existing or new AlphaRiver pilot. Only a small adjustment is necessary to the autopilot to add this new track function. The operating pressure for the captain is significantly reduced and onboard safety increases.

Meet us at stand number 3405

Europort: 7-10 November 2017