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At JRC | Alphatron Marine, it's not just about technology, but even more about the extraordinary people who define our company. Discover the inspiring bonds between colleagues who not only work together, but truly form a second family. Whether it's colleagues who have stood side by side for decades or families where the passion for innovation is passed down from generation to generation, our organization exudes a unique atmosphere of togetherness and dedication.

At JRC | Alphatron Marine, you are not just another employee; you are part of a team that grows, celebrates and supports each other. Discover how your story can fit seamlessly with the extraordinary people who shape our company. Step into the JRC | Alphatron Marine family. Explore the personal and professional stories below, or check out our current job opportunities.

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Maurice Rutten (left) and Dennis van den Akker (right)

A journey beyond 25 years: partners in maritime passion 

In the ever-changing maritime world, here’s the story of two dedicated individuals who stand as a testament to the endless possibilities and growth opportunities within this industry. Meet Maurice and Dennis, two employees who have not only worked side by side for over 25 years but have also exemplified unwavering passion for their professions.

Maurice and Dennis began their journey at Alphatron Marine as young engineers, driven by their shared enthusiasm for solving complex problems and pushing maritime technology boundaries. They collaborated on projects like the Jumbo Javelin and the first KLPD vessels. Maurice became CTO and established the Alphatron Marine office in Singapore, while Dennis became a team leader specializing in maritime communications equipment. Their passion reflects the culture at JRC | Alphatron Marine, where dedication, innovation, and collaboration are highly valued. Their story inspires those seeking a fulfilling maritime career.

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带着目标起床并发光发热!我们的员工都有自己在 JRC | Alphatron Marine 工作的动机--这也是他们每天早上起床并致力于为我们的客户和同事服务的个人原因。好奇吗?了解更多关于我们同事的经历和他们独特的动机。

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