Generations of dedication: the Stam family's maritime journey

At JRC | Alphatron Marine, we cherish the stories of dedication and passion that define our company's culture. A special story is that of Sijbrand Stam, a devoted father, and his son Koen Stam, who have embarked on an inspiring journey through the maritime world together.

Passing the torch

What makes this story truly special is that Sijbrand's passion for the maritime world has been passed on to the next generation. Koen Stam initially studied to become a car specialist, but his father’s dedication to the maritime world inspired him and his perspective changed after spending a day at Alphatron Marine to take a look. Following in his father's footsteps, Koen has now joined our company as a Service Engineer at the Service department in Rotterdam. The bond between father and son has grown stronger as they share their technical passion, and the Stam family's legacy at JRC | Alphatron Marine continues to thrive.

The father-and-son duo recently worked together aboard a ship, installing an antenna sold by the Retrofit department. In a small space, where Sijbrand couldn't fit in comfortably, Koen took the lead, executing the instructions provided by his father flawlessly. For Sijbrand, the joy of sharing his technical passion with his own family is immeasurable. It's a testament to the incredible career opportunities that the maritime industry offers - a world where expertise is passed down from one generation to the next.

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