A journey beyond 25 years: partners in maritime passion

In the ever-changing maritime world, here’s the story of two dedicated individuals who stand as a testament to the endless possibilities and growth opportunities within this industry. Meet Maurice and Dennis, two employees who have not only worked side by side for over 25 years but have also exemplified unwavering passion for their professions.

Leave a lasting impact in the maritime world

Maurice and Dennis's journey began as young engineers, eager to make their mark in the maritime world. They joined Alphatron Marine with a shared enthusiasm for solving complex problems and pushing the boundaries of maritime technology.

Over the years, Maurice and Dennis collaborated on numerous projects at lots of different countries and continents. One of these projects is the Jumbo Javelin, the very first newbuild vessel at Damen Shipyards in Romania in 2003/2004. This project was not without its challenges; they faced a flood on the shipyard, however, Maurice and Dennis are not the types to just give up. They were the only two who still showed up at work, to ensure the project's continuation and success. During those years they worked on numerous projects in Romania, including the ship Fairpartner. And together they also commissioned the first KLPD vessels at Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem, the Netherlands.

From installing advanced navigation and communication equipment on newbuildings to carrying out services on existing ships, they always had the aim to create and maintain a safe working environment for the ship’s crew.

Career paths diverge, close cooperation persists

As time went on, their career paths diverged, yet their close cooperation remained. Maurice took on a successful management role, steering the ship towards new horizons for JRC | Alphatron Marine. In 2008, he embarked on a solo mission to establish the Alphatron Marine office in Singapore. Through his vision and tireless efforts, he transformed the office into a thriving hub, employing 85 maritime professionals. Despite his managerial responsibilities, Maurice never lost touch with the technical aspects of the maritime world.

He continued to focus on ongoing projects, kept in good contact with the engineers, and always staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and advancements. Due to his technical background and extensive experience, he was asked to take on the role of CTO of the Alphatron Marine Group at the beginning of 2022. He is now responsible for quality and efficiency of project management, service execution, and system integration with a global focus.

Unwavering passion for technology

Dennis has grown to become a team leader, specialized in maritime communications equipment, and still finds enormous joy and satisfaction in his role. His passion for technology remained as strong as ever and he continues to travel through the country and abroad to provide our customers with first-class solutions for maritime communications needs. In addition to working on ships, his work also includes installing and servicing (land) communications, for example in hospitals and wind turbines. How diverse and cool is that?

Maurice and Dennis’s enduring passion for their work is a reflection of the culture at JRC | Alphatron Marine where dedication, innovation, and collaboration are highly important. They are living proof that in the maritime world, growth opportunities are limitless for those who love what they do. We hope that their story serves as an inspiration to all who dream of a long and fulfilling career in this industry.

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