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JRC is able to supply different types of technical training for service engineers. We can also provide ECDIS Train the Trainer training and ECDIS type-specific training. All technical trainings are held in the Rotterdam office. ECDIS type specific training or train the trainer audits might take place on board or in a local training center. On this page, you will find the details of our training arrangements

Office and contact details

Our office address is:
Alphatron Marine B.V.
Schaardijk 23
3063 NH Rotterdam
Harbor 115
The Netherlands

Contact details:
Telephone front desk: +31104534000
Email training department (Technical training):
Email training department (Operational training):
Email Technical support JRC products:

Hotel arrangements

At this moment we have a special contract with the Novotel Brainpark hotel and the Inntelhotel Rotterdam Center. If you would like to have a reservation at Novotel Brainpark hotel or Inntelhotel Rotterdam Center, we are pleased to make the reservation for you. Please note that the hotel guest has to pay the hotel bill when checking out.

Training rules and requirements

The engineer must have at least one year of field experience on the equipment in general (either JRC or other brands) and understand the electronic fundamentals of the type of equipment.
If during training, a lack of general experience/knowledge on the equipment is ascertained, the trainer may decide not to issue a certificate. The cost of the training will not be reimbursed.

  • For ECDIS, VDR and FleetBroadband training we require that the trainee has basic knowledge of Windows operating system, computer architecture, networking and standard NMEA protocol.
  • For radar training we expect the trainee to have a basic knowledge of radar systems.
  • For training of sonar equipment, we expect the trainee to have basic knowledge of underwater acoustics.
  • For GMDSS training we expect the trainee to have basic understanding of superheterodyne transceivers and do recommend operator’s certificate for GMDSS equipment.
  • For AlphaMidiCourse and AlphaMiniCourse we expect the trainee to have basic knowledge of gyro principles.

We expect that the trainees arrive in time for the training and notify us by telephone whenever they are not able to arrive in time for the training. In order to receive a certificate, trainees have to follow the complete course. If any part of the training is not completed then we can not issue a certificate. Training normally starts at 09:00 and finishes not later than 16:30. There will be adequate breaks during the day. After finishing training for specific equipment a questionnaire will be handed out. This has to be completed by the trainee. In order to receive a certificate, the trainee must score 70%. The trainee is allowed to use all the documents provided on the course when completing the questionnaire. Mobile telephones have to be switched off during training. Emergency use of mobile telephones is discussable. We expect trainees to pay attention to the training and do not use the Internet for web browsing during training.

What do the trainees have to bring

During the training, we will hand out training documents in pdf format. Trainees have to bring the laptop which they use for service. This is to make sure that the laptop they use is suitable for connecting to our equipment. Software required for opening standard industrial formats files should be installed on the laptop (e.g. VLC LAN, Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Winzip or Winrar, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer updated to latest versions). It is preferable to carry commonly used cables e.g. straight serial cable (5m), crossed serial cable (5m) and straight CAT-5 cable (5m). However if not available we can supply a limited amount of cables during the training. Also recommendable is to bring USB to serial converter if the laptop does not have a serial port. Please also check if the laptop is able to read/write CF cards and/or PCMCIA cards. If not please bring an external reader. This is especially important for radar and (S-)VDR training (JCY-1700(S), JCY-1800/1850, and JCY-1900/1950).

Click here for an overview of the training we can provide. 

Technical Training composition and duration

TrainingJRC productsDurationPracticeRequired
Legacy  radar/ECDISJMA-7100/9100/900B
5 daysYesTheory of radar operation Basic knowledge NMEA protocol, laptop,
basic knowledge of computer architecture, basic knowledge NMEA
protocol, basic knowledge of windows XP, and basic understanding
of networking.
MFDJMR-7200/9200 (radar) 
JAN-7201/9201 (ECDIS)
JAN-7202/9202 (conning)
4 daysYesTheory of radar operation, basic knowledge NMEA protocol, laptop,
basic knowledge of computer architecture, basic knowledge NMEA
protocol, basic knowledge of windows XP, and basic understanding
of networking.
MFD (new software)
New software
4 daysYesBasic knowledge NMEA protocol, laptop, basic knowledge of computer
architecture, basic knowledge NMEA protocol, basic knowledge of
windows XP, and basic understanding of networking.
5 daysYesBasic knowledge NMEA protocol, laptop used for APT/installation
(S-)VDR, and straight LAN cable.
JHS-182/183 (AIS)
JHS-770S/780D (VHF)
JUE-85/87/95 (Inmarsat-C)
NCR-333 (Navtex)
5 days YesTheory of super heterodyne transceiver GMDSS operators
certificate, basic knowledge NMEA protocol, and laptop.
3 daysYesBasic knowledge of networking, basic knowledge NMEA protocol,
and laptop.
Doppler log
Satellite log
5 dayYesBasic knowledge of underwater acoustics and Doppler effect,
basic knowledge NMEA protocol, and laptop.
JFC-180 (Echosounder)
JFC-7050 (Echosounder)
JFP-185 (Searchlight sonar)
JLN-650/652 (Doppler current meter)
JMA-5200Mk2/3300/1030 (Radar)
JLR-21/31 (GPS compass)
5 dayYesBasic knowledge of underwater acoustics, basic knowledge NMEA
protocol, theory radar operation, and laptop.
GPS compass
Satellite log
2 dayNoBasic knowledge of GPS, basic knowledge NMEA protocol, and
GyroAlphaMidiCourse2 dayYesBasic knowledge of gyro, and laptop.
GyroAlphaMiniCourse1 dayYesBasic knowledge of gyro, and laptop.
Marcom A *in Dutch onlyVHF, MF, HF
5 daysYesPrior education is not required. Knowledge of radio communication equipment
and electronics is required. The exam will be held the Friday after the training
week. Exam program: Practical exam in the morning, VPT and English in the
afternoon. Marcom A exam needs to be requested at least 10 days before
the exam starts. Please be aware that you apply for the exam by signing of
for this training.

JRC ECDIS Type Specific and Train the Trainer trainings

TrainingType of trainingDurationRequired
Train the Trainer 2 daysService partner or distributor, and STCW approved training center.
JAN-701B/ 901B/2000
Train the Trainer Audit 1 day (trainer)Attended train the trainer training has to pass audit for certificate.
JAN-201/9201Train the Trainer “B” course Validity of certificate = 2 years3 daysService partner or distributor. STCW approved training center, written test
=>70%, practical test 1 (40 min/person), and final assessment (2 hrs/person). If more then 4 attendees need two trainers.
JAN-7201/9201Type Specific Training C1 standard classroom 2 daysSeaman book, max. 5 attendees, written test =>70%, and practical test.
JAN-7201/9201Type Specific Training C2 standard onboard training1,5 days Seaman book, and max 5 attendees.
JAN-7201/9201Type Specific Training C2 standard onboard training1 daySeaman book, max 5 attendees, and attended Type specific training for previous models JRC Ecdis.
Transas NS 4000
AlphaBridge T
Type Specific Training Transas3 daysBasic knowledge of navigation (by copy of seaman's book). 2 days classroom,
10 hours on board. Please contact training department for training on board. 

Certificates when changing jobs

The validity of training certificates: when an employee (mostly technicians) goes to a new employer in the same maritime service business, his JRC certificates will become invalid. However, when the ex-employee (JRC agent) agrees, in a written statement, to reissue the certificates, it is possible to apply for new certificates. Please note that this is only if both employers are active in the EMEA region and that a fee may apply. The training department will provide you with the price and documents needed for reissuing. 

Application for technical training

It is only possible to apply for training with the application form we will provide. After reception of your application form, we will inform you if there is availability or if the engineer will be placed on a waiting list. The maximum amount of attendees
for the technical training is 6, except for the AlphaMidiCourse where there is a maximum of 4 attendees. We have the right to cancel training 3 weeks before the training will starts when there are not enough attendees. JRC will inform you 5 weeks ahead
if the amount of attendees is not sufficient. 

Terms of agreement

The course registration is binding. This means that upon registration a payment obligation occurs to Alphatron Marine B.V/JRC.

Participants can unregister from the course up until 30 days prior to course starts. Cancellation from 30 till 14 days prior course start, 50% of the course fee will be charged. If cancellations is made within 14 days before the course starts, the course will be fully charged.

The invoice will be send 14 days before the training course starts. The payment must be received before the start of the training. Alphatron Marine will issue the certificate after the training and when the payment is received. Alphatron Marine B.V./JRC reserves the right to cancel, move or change course dates before the course starts. The participant will receive practical course information and confirmation of participation 14 days prior to course start. If you receive this order confirmation with incorrect or missing information, please notify

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