Premium Bridge

Asia is traditionally building mainly larger vessels and the operation of the entire bridge from a sitting position has not been the norm. Watch Officers work from a standing position, so we have developed a derivative of the one man bridge for larger vessels. The premium bridge features a variety of 46-inch (26-inch also available) screens in the front console, supplemented by extra consoles with control and operating panels as well as a free standing steering console.

This unique approach reflects our ability to satisfy the bridge design requirements of shipyards and owners. The premium bridge is built in compliance with IMO regulations and is available for all ships regardless of their tonnage and class notation, including IBS, NAUT-OSV(A). Manufacturing of the system can take place as near as possible to the actual building location.

What you do not see is just as important as what you do. Today, we have huge televisions and PC monitors at home and in our office. We believe big is best at sea too, so we base our premium AlphaBridge concept on 46-inch full HD displays. The LED technology allows for a phenomenally bright picture with excellent colors that can be seen from nearly every angle. With thin bezels, the crisp, clear picture is the center of attention. Even when walking around a large bridge, the important navigation and safety information displayed can always be seen when you have displays of this size and quality.

The AlphaBridge software works intelligently with the displays. With only a touch of a button, you can switch between various systems such as radar, ECDIS or conning. It is a great example of how hardware and software are designed to work together to give you the best experience possible – but on a whole new scale.

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