Purchasing and logistics team

Do you have what it takes to negotiate with suppliers for the best deals? Or to pick up orders and prepare them for shipment? And are you a team player who likes to go the extra mile? Then this is your team. Take a quick look at our vacancies and come on board!

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Curious about what it's like to work in purchasing or logistics?

As a purchasing and logistics employee, you are the indispensable link between colleagues, customers, and our suppliers. It is not a department with a fixed daily schedule, every day is different. You can build on this team!

This team consists of two sub-departments: logistics and purchasing. The logistics team consists of a number of colleagues who are responsible for our warehouse. They ensure that the entire process of delivery, storage, and shipping of our products run smoothly. As a purchasing team, you have to deal with challenges such as delivery times, availability of products or parts, and changing prices. You are responsible for purchasing products at the best prices and ensuring that you have enough stock so that we can help the customer as quickly as possible. That makes our buyers very valuable players within the company. Every purchasing employee has his own role, such as stock management or projects, but because we work with a small, efficient team, your role is very broad and flexible, so you can quickly jump into helping a colleague.

Open atmosphere and teamwork

The purchasing and logistics department has a lot of contact with the other departments within the company, such as sales, engineering, spare parts, or marketing for help with exhibitions. The team is 100% committed to their colleagues and makes it a sport to offer solutions or answer questions as quickly as possible. Questions about stocks or delivery times and, for example, requests about the status of the shipment of projects.

The door of the purchasing and logistics team is always open to our colleagues. They cherish that open atmosphere, whether it is a nice chat with colleagues or the opportunity to give feedback about what is going well and what could be improved. Bring it on!

Will you join our team?

Are you looking for a position where you continue to challenge yourself and where communication skills and a team spirit come in handy? Then take a quick look at our vacancy page and maybe we'll see you again soon as a colleague. Apply now for this great position within JRC | Alphatron Marine!

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Are you interested in working at JRC | Alphatron Marine?

We look forward to seeing you as a new colleague. View our vacancies and respond via the apply button under the vacancy. We will then contact you as soon as possible! If you still have a question about a vacancy, no problem. Feel free to contact us at +31 10 453 4000 or leave your question via our contact form.

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