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Why we chose Alphatron Marine?

Curious about what a working day at Alphatron Marine looks like? Take a look at the working day of our employees and maybe we will welcome you soon as one of our new colleagues.

A working day at Alphatron Marine

Most people see our products. But we see the people who realize these products. Our teams consist of the best professionals in the field of development, design, engineering and commerce. Our people are flexible and driven and work with an open and innovative mindset, focused on development and improvement. In this way every employee at Alphatron Marine contributes in his or her own unique way to the service and products of Alphatron Marine. "The human touch in technology".

Said Bellach - Teamleader Assembly Workshop

As a child Said Bellach was already fascinated by electronics. He started to repair transistor radios at the age of eight. When he came to support the team of Alphatron Marine in 2008, he felt at home from the very first moment. “Here in the electronic repair workshop of the Center of Excellence in Rotterdam, I am surrounded by electronics, I am challenged,” tells Said Bellach with a big smile.

Said is a Teamleader Assembly Workshop. He and his team of the workshop in Rotterdam start early at 7.00 AM. “Most of our work consists of the assembling of consoles. Here we build and test the consoles. We put all components together. The only thing that needs to be done aboard is connecting the cable. And of course we regularly have a rush job. For instance, sometimes they need extra equipment for a trial the next day. There is never a dull moment at the workshop!” explains Said.

Love for electronics 

 His love for electronics doesn’t stop at the workshop. “When I’m home I’m always repairing things... phones, laptops, you name it. It’s hobby that got out of hand! Nowadays I try to do only phones because I take up a lot of space with my hobby. And it’s already crowded at my home in Schoonhoven,” Said tells. “I live together with my lovely wife, two daughters (18 and 7) and two sons (14 and 9).

Freedom in creating

An important issue for Said is freedom in creating. “For me, it is of great value to think along in developing products. To have freedom in creating. That’s what makes Alphatron Marine special to me. Here we make something from nothing, we are challenged to innovate. And that’s what I like most about my work,” concludes Said Bellach.