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The key to providing world-class service and support is to respond quickly and provide better solutions than anyone, anywhere can offer. JRC and Alphatron Marine provides a full range of reliable maintenance and other services done by the best professionals in the field to keep your ships in operation. What is most important for running your business: cost-efficient and quick response, preventive maintenance, long term performance optimization and remote maintenance and services are key values. We assist with a personalized solution, a business-specific maintenance- and service agreement that meets your standards, needs, and ensures a cost-efficient availability of your fleet, now and in the future.

The JRC and Alphatron Marine maintenance- and service agreements can be designed custom-made, it helps your investments produce the maximum benefits for operations and competitiveness. We offer three types of maintenance- and service level agreements (SLA), always one that fits your needs best: Shore Based Maintenance (SBM) certificate, premium membership, or executive membership. Optional services can be added on demand.

Common to all maintenance- and service agreements is our close cooperation with the customer, you will benefit from having your own dedicated service coordinator, predictable maintenance costs and from sharing maintenance responsibilities with a highly qualified partner. With our remote services we can support you anytime, anywhere.

Shore Based Maintenance (SBM) certificate

Our Shore Based Maintenance Agreement includes the SBM certification and makes your GMDSS station compliant in accordance with IMO’s SOLAS GMDSS regulations. We will be your guaranteed point of contact for GMDSS equipment, for all sailing areas.

Premium contract

Our Premium contract is a service agreement at a fixed annual fee that includes all mandatory annual surveys worldwide, and preventive maintenance including the mandatory SBM certificate. The goal of this service agreement is to increase reliability and extended equipment life through scheduled maintenance procedures. Maintenance visits are scheduled at moments when they least disturb the customer’s operations. A long-term approach to maintenance and reduction in the variable costs caused by maintenance-related actions make budgeting more predictable. This way your vessels’ navigation and communication equipment always complies with regulations. We are multi-branded and located along all global busy traffic lanes and main ports. Your service agreement fee is based on average worldwide maintenance costs, the type of equipment, the number of gyro’s and ECDIS (GT of vessels), and the size of your fleet.

Executive contract

It is for those customers who seek the highest level of equipment availability and minimal operational risks we have a full maintenance contract to unburden the shipowner and let the crew focus on the operation of the vessel. This maintenance contract contains all the above, including hours, all service, repairs and spare parts. Purchase of completely new systems at an agreed discount. We are multi-brand and located worldwide. The Executive contract fee is based on average worldwide maintenance costs of your equipment brand and type, year of installation of the equipment. In short, our highest level in unburdening!

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