• Stabilized transducer
  • Quick variable beam angle
  • High power and long pulse Narrow angle beam
  • Narrow angle beam

The JFS-280 is a compact and fully stabilized omni-directional sonar, incorporating a robust transducer consisting of 512 elements. With the medium frequency of 62 KHz, the sonar provides an excellent and clear image, displaying schools of fish with astonishing discrimination, in shallow waters as well as in deep waters.

Following its successful predecessor, the new JFS-280 has a greatly improved detection range and crisp images using the newly designed transducer and transceiver utilizing the latest digital technologies. The transducer is 1.4x larger and range expanded to 2000 meter. The JFS-280 also includes a manual and an automatic tilt function (-5° to 60°) to vertically scan for a school of fish. With a single press of the button you can activate automatic tracking of a fish of school. The tilt angle is continuously adjusting to the target as the ships moves forward. Features like these are typically seen on long range sonars. And with the stabilizing function activated during transmission and reception, it gives the fisherman better on screen results and potentially providing a greater catch, even in rough and stormy seas.

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