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AlphaPhone dA24 Ex

AlphaPhone dA24 Ex


  • Dial barring lock
  • Crosswise mounting possible
  • Vertical mounting possible
  • Connecting cable 3m, phone jack plug

The AlphaPhone A24 telephone is designed for explosion prone areas. It can be used as a PABX device and end device as well as for DTMF or pulse dialling. In the event of loud environmental noise, you have the option of turning on an integrated handset amplifier. A continuously adjustable fixture protects the telephone handset against shocks.

The built-in telephone 430 can be easily integrated in tables and desks as used in alarm and control stations. Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible. Due to its standard complete equipment, the built-in telephone 430 can be used for many applications. Equipped with an analogue extension, the built-in telephone EBT 430 may be used with all telephone systems. Per push buttons the AlphaPhone A24 has 4 to 6 functions.

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