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5 April 2019

JRC/Alphatron Marine’s most reliable marine radar returns back into the market

JRC/Alphatron Marine is proud to announce the reintroduction of the JMA-5200/5300Mk2 radar series. Thousands of JRC JMA 5200/5300Mk2 radars were installed around the world. They were considered to be one of the best radars with respect to performance simplicity of operations and reliability. After discontinuation of the product two years ago the request to get these radars back on the market where enormous.

The reintroduced JMA-5200/5300Mk2 radar series is competitively priced and is adapted to the latest IMO rules containing an updated GUI and have a high-quality EIZO DuraVision monitor.

 The 5300 radar series are type approved according to IMO rules for vessels up to 10.000 GT, while the 5200 radar series are available for Non-SOLAS vessels ranging from a dome radar up to an S-band version. Both radars integrate the latest leading technologies with a set of advanced features that allow running both radars images faster and more efficient than ever before. Also, the brushless antenna motors in the scanner guarantee for extended lifetime. The radar image is fully processed within a few milliseconds before displayed, generating a smooth image rotation when sailing in Head-Up mode. When changing to North-Up, the new radar image is displayed without any delay caused by the scanner rotation. Besides AIS and ARPA info, both radars are able to present wind and echosounder information at a dedicated segment on the screen.

The radars are part of the ProLine package and available via our JRC/Alphatron Marine offices, the existing network of distributors or newly appointed ProLine resellers around the world.

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