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18 February 2019

JRC Do Brasil now authorized to operate with bonded warehouse

JRC is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, JRC do Brasil Empreendimentos Eletrônicos Ltda (JDB), has been granted, last May 15th - 2018, by the Brazilian Federal Government, to have a customs bonded warehouse for JRC equipment – with other partners to follow in due time.

Initially, the warehouse will be located at the address:

Praia do Flamengo 154 - CJ.101 Flamengo / Rio de Janeiro / CEP.: 22210-906.

The location is being controlled by both, biometric access of authorized personnel and CCTV: necessary to ensure a safe environment and a full traceability of all processes involved. With this newfound authorization, JRC Brasil can have JRC items free of many federal import duties, readily available for our customers. This bonded transfer service will be beneficial to both foreign and local vessels, visiting Brazilian ports and/or operating in Brazilian waters.

Equipment and parts can now be ordered and paid as if they were stored overseas, which would mean free of many import duties, optimized freight costs and availability of JRC parts locally. The economically priced parts ought to be immediately available, ultimately aiming for minimum downtime of the vessel. This will certainly increase our Customer Satisfaction feedback, when provided with:

  • Appropriate support & processes  
  • Fast action and good service
  • Economically priced equipment and parts

JRC Brasil is a part of the JRC/Alphatron Marine Global Service Network and, therefore, further prepared for direct customer support, regardless of the vessels’ location. Now, more than ever, we are all over the world while staying close to the customer. Full ahead!

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