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4 November 2020

Improving customer intimacy on a global scale

During this COVID19-crisis, it is important that we can rely on our colleagues’ resilience and the confidence placed in us by our customers. With so few visits to customers on location, we are often forced to think along from a distance. Under these circumstances, professional expertise has become truly indispensable and our personal interactions with customers are more important than ever. We discussed this with Jeroen Kortsmit, who was appointed Group General Manager Key Accounts at JRC | Alphatron Marine on 1 July 2020.

In his new position – he previously served as General Manager of the JRC Europe Division – Jeroen Kortsmit is concerned with the worldwide improvement and expansion of customer intimacy, as well as securing the company’s ties with over 11,000 vessels. “This starts with listening closely to what a customer wants and keeping an open mind as far as business development opportunities are concerned,” explains Jeroen Kortsmit. “You need to move with demand, with new developments across the globe. For example, in today’s world, maintenance contracts have become even more important. Of course, we were already paying attention to this issue, but now our procedures are even more consistent than before.”

Smallest details

With contracts, maintenance and otherwise, it is a two way street. Both sides needs to invest in the relationship. Not only for new build projects but also retrofit programs. Covered in a maintenance contract we offer services like Remote Support,
E-Learning and AlphaEye. With the integration of all JRC and Alphatron Marine offices we guarantee the best service along the busy traffic lanes and important ports. Jeroen Kortsmit: “For the customer, it is nice that we are intimately familiar with all on-going projects, and down to the smallest details. For us, it means an extension of the business. Around the world, we are standing by to provide on-site services And we can quickly change gears when there is a demand for innovation. After all, we are already very familiar with the vessels and operational areas.”

Sharing knowledge and collaboration, with a system that can be implemented the world over. These, in short, are the responsibilities assigned to Jeroen Kortsmit. “And no matter how large a particular customer is, at the end of the day, it is all about personal interaction. After all, when customers have a request or problem they need to know who to turn to, so they can rest assured that their problems will be solved for them. In the case of a key account like the Danish firm Torm, we have grown from a few ships to a fleet of 80 vessels. It is the way we work that safeguard our successful cooperation. Nevertheless, our lines of communication are as short and personal as always. And that remains our foremost challenge,” concludes Jeroen Kortsmit.

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