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Having access to the right parts is crucial for minimizing downtime of your assets. Depending on your needs, we can supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM), genuine and aftermarket marine spare parts. Besides the various brands we represent, like JRC, Cobham, Yokogawa etc.,  we are able to supply all brands and types of marine navigation and communication spare parts worldwide. This allows us to be a true one-stop-shop for navigation and communication spare parts.

Our spare parts department is here to help you at all times, organizing the quick delivery of the parts you may need, wherever you are in the world. We use know-how, dedication, and efficient logistics to keep the availability of your equipment on board as high as possible. We keep delivery times for our marine spare parts as short as possible. We store large stocks of all-important spare parts at our warehouse. Our spare parts team is on-hand to provide competent advice whenever you need parts. In most cases, we can provide you a quotation in a couple of hours during normal working days.

Leave it all in our capable hands, including expert installation by our technicians in one of our worldwide offices. Stocks spares are held in warehouses around the world for fast delivery and low transport cost. No matter what you're looking for in most cases, we can find it for you.

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Do you need immediate help with spares, please get in touch with us at +31 10 453 4027, or send an email. Our spare parts team is pleased to support you with all your questions and requests.

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