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There can be all sorts of reasons for a refit or a conversion. In some cases, the navigation and communications equipment no longer works or has become obsolete and needs to be replaced. A vessel gets extra equipment to be in compliant with a specific project, or start working in a different sea area. In each of these cases, our challenge is to supply the required equipment as quickly as possible and get our engineers on board for installation and commissioning.

For the installation to remain reliable and efficient throughout the entire life cycle, Alphatron Marine has 25 years of experience in retrofits and conversions. The experienced engineers at Alphatron Marine offer you the certainty that the vessel can operate in all circumstances.

With our portfolio and experience, you can adapt your current installations to the latest technologies and functionalities. In a retrofit project, we replace your outdated parts so that your installation has a longer lifespan. With conversion projects, we adjust your installation to meet your changed capacity requirements or use it for new purposes. Alphatron Marine offers total bridge solutions for the entire operational life of your vessel. We offer you complete system integration, service, tech-support, (spare) parts, repair, and maintenance (SBM contracts). This allows you to focus on your core activities and leave the operational challenges to Alphatron Marine.


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