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ProLine Training

ProLine is a total package with professional equipment that is applicable for IMO and non-IMO intercoastal, work vessels, tugs, and fishing boats from <500GT to 10,000GT. With the unique strengths of major manufacturers, JRC / Alphatron Marine can relieve the customer or shipyard by offering a tried and tested, complete and one-stop-shopping assortment worldwide, something that has never been seen before in the shipping industry. As JRC/Alphatron Marine we offer the possibility to do an online test for simple systems, but you can also follow a training course for more complex systems in our training center.

ProLine Training online

  • JFE-380
  • JLR-21
  • JLR-31
  • JHS-183
  • JHS-800S
  • JSS-2150(N)
  • JMA-3300
  • JMA-1030
  • AlphaRudder MFM
  • AlphaBNWAS
  • JHS-770S
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