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AlphaRudder MED Indicator

AlphaRudder MED Indicator

MFM Display

  • MED Type Approved
  • Clear and bright touch display
  • Uniform design and simple operation
  • Available in various display sizes

The AlphaLine Indicator MFM is easy to operate via an intuitive 6.5-inch, color touchscreen display and is available in two colors that form a well-aligned complete whole. Smart, clear, consistent, safe, just some of the ways to describe what the AlphaLine Indicator Display series of navigation and communication instruments bring to the bridge of the future. A software-driven instrument line that will meet the requirements of information displays for use in the marine and offshore sector.

The AlphaRudder Indicator Display is a MED Type Approved system for showing rudder angle information. Depending requirements, this system is expandable with a rudder feedback unit which can be displayed in the repeater. The rudder angle scale can be set to Fore or Aft and can be displayed to 45°, 60° 70° or 90° scale. It is recommended to add an Analog Interface Mk.2 (G-002343) to convert the analog rudder feedback signals to NMEA data.

The AlphaLine displays portfolio offers a complete series of sophisticated instruments typified by uniform design and simple operation on a single hardware platform. The available software version can be found as an Indicator or as a repeater version.

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