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Satisfactory quick delivery turnaround of four passenger ships

10 februari 2014

Last November Alphatron Marine equipped four passenger ships with complete navigation and communication systems in just two weeks. Bert Teunissen of the FleetPro shipping company supervised the building of two Avalon ships: ‘As customer we need few words. Alphatron knows how to translate what we want and makes sure that our wishes are fulfilled without the need for us to worry.’

Trials of the four ships all took place last November: the AmaReina of AmaWaterways, the Inspire of Scylla Tours and the Avalon Illumination and Avalon Impression from Avalon Waterways. Peter van Veen, manager for Inland Shipping at Alphatron: ‘Since we could only get on board at the last moment, once the carpentry was completed and the cables were in, we had just two intensive weeks to get everything done.’ 99% problem-free Bert Teunissen: ‘We don’t get any sense of the intensive efforts at Alphatron. Peter van Veen has been our contact for years and we have always had a really good relationship with him. The Alphatron team gets on with its work without us having to get involved. It is only during the technical trials that we are ‘confronted’ for the first time with the performance of the equipment installed by Alphatron. In 99% of the cases there are no problems. Also in the formal trials with the authorities for certification purposes and during the first year the ship sails under guarantee. It all goes perfectly. And I’m the first to speak up if something is not right. We now have a new customer with a new ship and Alphatron is the first in line when we want to discuss things. Because satisfaction brings you back.’ Tight schedule Inland shipping installation engineer, André Langstraat, has been working for Alphatron for 14 years and he ensures that everything is delivered on schedule as agreed. André: ‘We prefer to be ready well before the trials but, in practice, we can often only get on board a couple of weeks beforehand. So we need to be sure about what we are doing. We prepare as much as possible at our workshop and keep a close eye on the delivery times of the equipment and parts. We can’t wait till the shipbuilder says ‘you can get started’. At that point you’re too late. Once I see the wheelhouse and mast on the ship, then I call the shipbuilder again.’


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