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Maritime type approval for the AlphaAnnounce Digital PAGA system

3 juli 2014

At the end of year 2012 Alphatron Marine introduced its own PA and alarm system, the AlphaAnnounce Digital, in response to specific requests from customers. Because we impose high standards for our equipment and because our customers would like this quality to be confirmed, we have had the system inspected, and at the end of May 2014 we received DNV type approval for the complete digital system together with its many configuration options.

The modular system means that it can be integrated with the entertainment system, while you can also choose your own alarm sounds and pre-programmed announcements as well as perform remote troubleshooting. The modular construction means it is suitable for both small vessels – starting at 500 GT – through to 3,000-cabin cruise ships. Shore-sea communication Internet-based shore-sea communication is available as an optional feature. From the shore-based control room one can both broadcast announcements at sea and also listen in on announcements and alarms that are triggered on the ship. A shore-based person can also read reports in the configuration software. This internet option allows for remote troubleshooting, cutting costs for sending technicians to the vessel. A low-energy consumption and redundant system The AlphaAnnounce Digital has an efficiency of over 90 percent, which means less heat loss than an analogue system and consequently lower energy consumption. Its design is also in keeping with the sleek Alphaline style. The system is built into a 19-inch hinged cupboard, allowing for easy access for installation and maintenance. The system design complies with the regulations of the classification societies and conforms to SOLAS, IMO and IEC60945. This means that the system’s A and B circuits are fully separated and it meets the stringent EMC, vibration and temperature requirements.


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