River Rader

  • Versatile and Simple
  • Multifunction Design
  • Glasprotection
  • Easy use control panel

The JMA 610 has many of the characteristics of the JMA 609. After all, why mess with a good thing! Still, the technicians of Alphatron and JRC have succeeded in adding functions that are actually useful. The photoshot® and AIS functionalities, in particular, are two exceptional additions to this radar, a navigation centre that is considered the best of its kind. But operator feedback has also inspired changes that have further improved image quality and ease of use.

The JMA 610 is able to convert the radar screen into a multifunctional display system without limitations. However for the operator who is only interested in using the basic radar functions the extra functions can be switched on and off. The new JMA 610 is designed to seamlessly fit into the Multifunctionline concept in case a combination with other MF instruments within the Multifunctionline is realized. All necessary control buttons for the radar within a hand’s reach due to the handy design. A build in roller ball is available to operate the various menu functions.

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