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Why we chose Alphatron Marine?

Curious about what a working day at Alphatron Marine looks like? Take a look at the working day of our employees and maybe we will welcome you soon as one of our new colleagues.

A working day at Alphatron Marine

Most people see our products. But we see the people who realize these products. Our teams consist of the best professionals in the field of development, design, engineering and commerce. Our people are flexible and driven and work with an open and innovative mindset, focused on development and improvement. In this way every employee at Alphatron Marine contributes in his or her own unique way to the service and products of Alphatron Marine. "The human touch in technology".

Cindy Makor - Operations & Service Manager

Cindy Makor joined Alphatron Marine in March 2017 at its head office in Rotterdam. She feels right at home there. She grew up in the port of Rotterdam and developed an interest in shipping at an early age. Especially in inland shipping, where the lines of communication are short. By now, partners know where to find her at Alphatron Marine for all kinds of technical questions.

“I usually have direct contact with the ship owners, who are often also the captain. In addition, I visit customers on board every week to establish personal contact with them. This is easy to do in the world of inland shipping and is appreciated by our customers,” says Cindy. She also likes the way communication takes place. “Communication often takes place via WhatsApp, and the style of communicating is fairly direct.”


The start of Cindy’s working week is usually busy. “Some ships stayed over the weekend, or just the opposite, they already moved on, so the planning often changes. Moreover, the telephone rings off the hook on Mondays for all the new service requests. Of course, we also receive phone calls during the rest of the week, usually some 70 or 80 per day, and we obviously receive e-mails with service requests. Because a lot of the work is ad hoc, the service department is always hectic, which means we need to switch quickly. When we arrive in the morning thinking we will have a quiet day, it can all turn around in half an hour,” she explains with a friendly smile. Cindy also has regular contact with the dealers in Europe who board ships on behalf of Alphatron Marine on a daily basis. “In addition to our regular services, we also carry out winter work on passenger ships in a large part of Europe every year, and together with our dealers, we construct some 50 new ships every year,” Cindy sums up the work. 


In her private life, Cindy also keeps busy. In her spare time, she plays handball in Ladies 1, and together with her husband Maarten, she likes to travel. From Thailand to Curacao, from South Africa to Canada. She also likes a Burgundian lifestyle. "We love good food, and each year we visit a European country to buy wine". Finally, when we ask Cindy what she thinks is the best innovation of recent times, she immediately answers the AlphaRiverTrackPilot. “That’s a major invention in inland shipping.”